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West Metro Education Program (WMEP)


WMEP Update

The WMEP Joint Powers Board (JPB) on 2/11 unanimously voted that Minneapolis and Robbinsdale school districts will operate FAIR Downtown and FAIR Crystal respectively. The WMEP board decided that they would like to focus their collaboration on strengthening equity work, professional development and student programming for the region. They feel that the day to day school operations would be best managed by member districts.

MPS Committement to FAIR Families

We want to reassure families that there will be stability over the next four to five years in their school. We know that this consistency is very important for families. We want the transition to be as seamless, and our goal is to keep as many things the same as possible.

  • FAIR will remain focused on the arts, interdisciplinary education and equity
  • We are enrolling new students for the 15-16 school year
  • We commit to serve students through their grade their grade configuration
  • We encourage all FAIR staff members to stay in their roles
  • We will continue community partnerships, as well as grow new ones
  • We will learn from the good things happening at FAIR, as well as determine resources that can strengthen the school
  • We will engage in conversations soon with our community about the future of the FAIR schools (beyond 4-5 years)


The West Metro Education Program (WMEP) is a program between Minneapolis and several suburbs that was formed in 1989 to cooperatively address integration issues in the West Metro area. WMEP operates FAIR Schools, a K-12 fine arts school community with two campuses: one in downtown Minneapolis and another in Crystal, Minnesota.