Walking and Biking
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Walking and Biking Information and Tips

Walking and Biking Information and Tips
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If your child will be walking or biking to school, please reference the route and safety information below. 

Safe Routes to School 

Walking and bicycling to school allows children to burn energy and keep fit. Safe Routes to School increases the number of students who walk and bike, while strengthening community relationships and neighborhood safety. Through a web of support involving parents, community organizations, the City of Minneapolis and schools, programming is established and maintained in a variety of ways to fit each community’s needs. 

Visit our Safe Routes to School website for more Safe Routes to School information, including walk/bike maps and tips for organizing a walking school bus.

The safety ABC’s of walking and biking to school:


A = be ALERT
B = look BOTH ways when crossing
C = cross at CORNERS 
D = DON’T DART out into traffic


A = check AIR in your tires
B = check your BRAKES
C = check your CHAIN
D = DO wear your helmet