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Support MPS

To make sure our 33,000 students are achieving, the Minneapolis Public Schools need your help. Two-thirds of our students live in poverty. Twenty-five percent of our students are learning English. Your donations of time, supplies or money can help us move our students ahead farther, faster.

We can think of about 33,000 reasons to contribute to Minneapolis Public Schools. Our non-profit partner, AchieveMpls, accepts contributions on behalf of the school district, our schools and our departments in the form of cash, stock, memorials and other options. To donate online go to For more information, contact Gina Rysdon at 612.455.1557 or email her at

Your Time: Volunteering at MPS
Each year, approximately 8,000 individuals - including parents, city workers, business people, retirees and grade school and college students - share their time and talents by volunteering thousands of hours in our schools. Anyone who enjoys helping young or adult students achieve their academic, personal and/or social goals can volunteer in the district. Visit VolunteerMPS to learn more.

Please contact the MPS Information Technology Services Department at 612.668.0260 with your computer donations. The school district can use both Macintosh and PC computers. Visit the IT Services website to view minimum specifications for computer donations.

Office Supplies or Other Materials
Contact the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers at 612.529.9621 to donate anything that can be recycled back into classrooms. This can include (but it is not limited to) magazines, three-ring binders and other office supplies, file cabinets, fabric, mat board and foam core.

Musical Instruments
Although the school district has a substantial inventory of woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments, there is often a waiting list for instruments at individual schools. If you would consider donating a band or orchestra instrument or a piano/keyboard, please know that your generosity may provide an interested student with new or expanded learning opportunities. A student joining the band/orchestra/keyboard program not only learns to "play the instrument" but to read music, perform alone and with others, understand music history and musical styles and experience first-hand how music is a part of life and culture.

After sending a donated instrument, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment that may be used for tax purposes. Contact Calvin Keasling, K-12 Arts Content Lead, at 612.668.5346, or

  • Type of instrument.
  • Manufacturer and brand serial number.
  • Condition of instrument.
  • If the case is included.
  • Approximate value of the instrument, if known.
  • Your name, address and phone number

Other Contributions
For all other inquiries about donations to the Minneapolis Public Schools, including school supplies and backpacks, please contact the Resource Development and Innovation Department at 612.668.2014 or