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Superintendent Graff releases 100-Day Findings report


Oct. 19, 2016
Dirk Tedmon
Media Relations Specialist
Superintendent Graff releases 100-Day Findings report
MINNEAPOLIS – After 100 days on the job as Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), Ed Graff has outlined his findings and vision for the future. 
“We have many reasons to be proud of Minneapolis Public Schools,” Graff said. “Our students are ambitious, capable and ready for success. In schools throughout the city, staff are committed to seeing students succeed. Across the community, engaged families, passionate partners and countless other people believe in our district’s potential. At the same time, we have a lot of opportunity for growth.”
By meeting with students, staff, families, community members, and community partners, visiting numerous schools, reviewing data, examining the strategic plan, and receiving feedback from staff surveys and the Council of Great City Schools, Superintendent Graff came up with the following findings and recommendations moving forward.
Superintendent Graff has identified four key areas MPS needs to address to make lasting change.
1. Achievement: Creating the conditions for all students to succeed, with high expectations and high support, and bringing more rigor and culturally responsive instruction to our classrooms.
2. Equity: Focusing on removing the beliefs and practices that result in racial disparities in work and decision-making, and working to understand and address implicit biases and the impact they have.
3. Engagement: Connecting with students and building more authentic relationships with families, staff and communities to ensure all voices are represented in decision-making processes. 
4. Accountability: Establishing a positive culture, doing the best work for students and staff, following up quickly and accurately to requests, explaining decisions, and providing consistent, high-quality services. 
Superintendent Graff will be available to answer questions regarding his findings after tonight’s Board of Education meeting. 
To see the report and his recommendations for action steps, visit