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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020
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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020
Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Minneapolis Public Schools community,

Achievement for 2014 and beyond. At MPS, we believe in the potential of all students to succeed. With our current strategic plan, we laid out a vision of every child college and career ready, and while we have made good progress, we are not there yet. Our goals are significant and they require the commitment of everyone that is dedicated to the success of our children: city government, parents, teachers, graduates and students.

We now look ahead with what is to come and want to share that roadmap with you. Acceleration 2020 will accelerate the achievement goals that can transform MPS. We believe that all children can learn more, achieve more, be more. The 2020 plan transcends disparities, ensures positive outcomes, as well as exposes and clears away traditional and unintended barriers.
As we continue to work toward our vision, MPS is committed to open sharing of our progress. We are creating a situation that positions MPS and our students for success. The proposed plan:

  • Better aligns goals to measures, actions, and school and department plans
  • Is inclusive of both the academic and operational pieces of the organization
  • Is built by staff with significant input from stakeholders
  • Includes management structures to  allow for regular monitoring and adjustment

MPS is committed to the success of each and every child and believe they can achieve great things. Throughout this process, we ask for your support and your feedback. We welcome any additional questions or comments from the community on this critical initiative to MPSStrategicPlan@mpls.k12.mn.us.


Bernadeia H. Johnson, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools