Acceleration 2020: Every child college and career ready

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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020
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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020
Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020

A Message from the Superintendent

At MPS we believe in the potential of all students to succeed. We commit to every student in our care that he or she at graduation will be college and career ready with 21st century competencies. Our vision is big and bold: big goals, big change, big success opportunities and deeper transparency than ever before.
Our roadmap to success is called Acceleration 2020. It was approved by our Board of Education on September 9, 2014. This plan moves our system in new directions, particularly by moving real power to each school. Everything about this plan accelerates student achievement. We are committed to the proposition that all children can learn more, achieve more and be more. Our plan is constructive, sensible, positive and ground breaking.
Our plan requires greater expectations of everyone: our parents and families, our MPS leaders and teachers, our students and graduates. Our success depends on the active engagement of everyone affected and interested in the present and future of MPS. 
Our biggest goal is about restoration of the dream: transforming pre-K-12 education in MPS. The truth is that this dream has been deferred long enough. We must transform education in Minneapolis, for those in our classrooms today and for those yet to come.

Michael Goar
Interim Superintendent

Goals 1 & 2: Improved Student Outcomes AND Equity

All students graduate ready for college and career with global competencies for the 21st century

Learning for students and student groups is accelerated to transcend disparities and ensure positive educational outcomes

Goal 3: Family & Community Partnership

MPS engages families and the community to support student success

Goal 4: Effective Teachers, School Leaders & Staff

MPS is a learning organization committed to the growth, development and engagement of all staff

Goal 5: Stewardship

MPS is a well-managed organization committed to strong stewardship of resources

Goal 6: Resources for Students and Schools

Resources and services are allocated transparently and equitable to best meet the diverse needs of all students