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Stop the hate and spread the hope

May 25, 2016
Daniel Chaves Aamot
Advanced Writing Teacher
Wellstone International High School
Stop the hate and spread the hope
MINNEAPOLIS – Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed book, “Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from a Minneapolis High School,” the students of Wellstone International High School are continuing their efforts to transform the world through reflection and action. “Stop the Hate & Spread the Hope” is a multimedia exhibit created by Wellstone students to share their stories and effect change.
Students were asked to “[reflect]…upon the world in order to transform it,” based on the teachings of the Brazilian educator Paul Freire. As students discussed the issues most challenging to them, particularly as many of them begin new journeys in the United States, one overall concern surfaced as greatly impacting their daily lives: a worrisome increase in hateful rhetoric and behavior during the presidential campaign. 
Following many student-led discussions and brainstorming sessions, these young immigrants identified suspected causes behind the problem. They hypothesized that a large number of Americans seem to lack accurate, detailed information, as well as personal experiences, to better inform their opinions of specific groups of immigrants.
Through their project, the students at Wellstone have decided to share their stories in the hope of transforming the world through reflection and action. They are committed to building bridges, not walls, and spreading hope, rather than hate.
          What:      “Stop the Hate & Spread the Hope” multimedia exhibit
          When:     Thursday, May 26
                           1–3 p.m.
          Where:    Davis Service Center
                           1250 W. Broadway Ave.
                           Minneapolis, MN 55411
Learn more about Wellstone International High School at wellstone.mpls.k12.mn.us.