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Shift: Reshaping the educational experience at MPS
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Shift: Reshaping the educational experience at MPS

Dr. Bernadeia Johnson, superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), is leading efforts to reshape the educational experience for all students at MPS.

“My goal is to facilitate a massive Shift across MPS, a change that will result in all central office departments and schools working collaboratively to make our school district a national model for academic success,” said Johnson.

“We are committed to a shift in culture, behavior, attitude and service – and, especially at the central office, a shift in how we prioritize, how we support and how we work. I expect that all staff members at school and non-school sites alike are here to support students, families, staff and schools – period.”

How we are Shifting:

  • A number of schools are receiving additional midyear supports and resources as part of our Short-Term Strategies. These are designed to accelerate student achievement and kick start student growth in the second half of the school year. 
  • We are working to identify priorities and strategies to improve student achievement and ensure all MPS students are college and career ready in our 2014-2020 Strategic Plan, which will be presented to the Board of Education for approval in the summer of 2014.
  • We must set clear and high expectations, define consistent responses and find alternatives to suspensions, especially in early grades. The new Behavior Standards Policy ensures fair rules for everyone and creates consistency across the MPS system for how students are disciplined at school.
  • The new Five-Year Enrollment Plan strengthens zone-specific and district-wide pathways; provides a stronger foundation for schools in neighborhood communities; and strengthens magnet and IB programs, arts and world language offerings through financial resources to adequately support program development and implementation. Additionally, the plan expands services in areas such as early childhood, new-to-country student support and providing Go-To bus passes for out-of-district students attending undersubscribed high schools.
  • Every student deserves a respectful learning environment in which racial and ethnic diversity is valued and contributes to successful academic outcomes. The new Equity and Diversity Policy helps to ensure all future policies, practices, programs and procedures have a positive impact on student learning and resource allocation.