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FY15 Budget

The MPS Board of Education approved the school district’s $780 million FY15 budget. The budget puts students at the center of our funding decisions by prioritizing academic acceleration and advancing college and career readiness across the school district. Our classrooms are at the core what of what we do, which is why we shifted approximately $40 million from the central office budget to individual schools.

Budget highlights:

  • Increases academic rigor by providing more funding for International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, talent development and advanced learner education, arts, world languages and English Learner (EL) programs; maintaining funds for magnet schools; and increases dollars for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) and ACT prep
  • Increases academic acceleration and decreases disparities by providing more support to high-priority schools through reduced class size ratios (18 students per teacher in K-3); increasing funds for academic intervention strategies, such as additional math and reading specialists; funding expansion of EL services by adding teachers and growing our new-to-country program for refugees
  • Increases learning time by increasing funding to lengthen instructional time at select sites through winter and spring academies, Saturday school and more learning time at high-priority schools; increasing rigor and relevance to extended time offerings, like after-school programs
  • Improves school climate, school safety and student engagement by investing in efforts around positive schoolwide engagement (our new discipline policy) and an office that will focus on black male achievement; increasing funding for Check & Connect
  • Increases support for EL and immigrant students by increasing funds to support multilingual learners by expanding MPS’ New Family Center and support for translation services; incentivizing dual certification for staff and expanding the EL team capacity; and strengthening partnerships with community-based organizations

Check out our Budget Basics brochure for an easy guide to our budget. It is also available in Hmong, Spanish and Somali in the resouce box on this page.

Once you have an understanding of our budget basics, check out our FY15 newsletter to see learn more about how we are currently applying the budget.