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Spring Break Academy
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Spring Break Academy 2014
Spring Break Academy 2014
MPS Spring Break Academy

MPS will offer our first ever Spring Break Academy to help reduce the learning gap and accelerate academic outcomes for students. This is one of the ways we are redefining instructional time to ensure students have more quality time in the classroom. 

The goal of the K-8 Spring Break Academy is to accelerate academic progress for qualifying students and provide an engaging, educational experience during the school holiday.

The academy will emphasize core subjects, while also providing enrichment opportunities that make learning exciting. Focus areas include reading and math, preparation and tips for test-taking, special science projects and developing the mindset to work hard and smart in school.  Students will also participate in engaging activities provided by Community Education.

The following schools will offer the Spring Break Academy: Andersen, Anthony, Anwatin, Bancroft, Bryn Mawr, Folwell, Jefferson, Nellie Stone Johnson, Pillsbury, Sanford, Seward, Sullivan and Whittier. Schools will contact families of students who are eligible for the academy.

This website will be updated frequently as details are released. Please check back often.

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