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Report on Academic Progress

Our annual academic progress report reflects the core of our work. It’s our report card. Along with reading, math and science MCA scores, it includes key milestones known to have a big impact on a student’s future success, like kindergarten readiness.

Overall reading and math scores were flat to slightly higher. The percent of MPS students meeting or exceeding MCA reading standards held steady at 42 percent.

Math scores have risen slowly over the past four years, rising to 1 point to 43 percent.

We must do better. We are working with a sense of urgency, and we have an action plan. We are seeing signs of progress, and we want to build on this momentum:

  • Burroughs, Northop and Pillsbury schools have surpassed our annual target achievement goals for reading and math. At Burroughs for example:
    • Reading skills for all students was up 9 percent
    • African American students achieved a 17 percent reading gain 
    • Hispanic students saw a 16 percent reading gain 
  • Henry’s graduation rate is up 10 points at 78 percent, and at Washburn's is up 11 points at 64 percent.

We are committed to this work and believe we have the right plan and the right staff in place to accomplish our goals.