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Priorities and Strategies
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Priorities and Strategies
Priorities and Strategies

This page was last updated in Fall 2011 and is intended to be viewed for historical reference only.

The MPS Board of Education has proposed priorities to guide planning for increased enrollment:

  • Strengthen academic programs
  • Equity
  • Impact on families & community
  • Sustainability
  • Financial impact

Possible strategies to manage enrollment increases are as follows:

  • Increase class size
  • Change and/or enforce pathways to schools/zones.
  • Open/repurpose existing buildings
  • Build new building
  • Change attendance boundaries
  • End Sibling Preference and Employee Preference

The Board has four main expectations for the summer months to aide in the planning process:

  • Census data will be available
  • Additional community meetings and discussions in the summer and fall of 2011
  • Legislative impacts on education policies and funding that impact transportation and academic programs will be available after a Legislative Special Session (date to be determined)
  • Engage participants from the May – June community meetings through e-mail, mail, website and SchoolMessenger to update on planning progress