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Principal placements for 2016-17


View a list of principal and assistant principal assignments for the 2016-17 school year.

Selecting great leaders for our schools

School leadership is critical to a school’s overall success and the principal plays the crucial role of setting priorities and leading instructional practices in the building. We are proud of the high caliber of skill and talent of the administrative leaders we have successfully recruited and retained in Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).

We are working diligently to recruit and hire the best leaders possible to fill the remaining vacancies at our schools. This is an ongoing process driven by administrative restructuring, school needs, district growth and personal decisions of our staff members.

Current MPS families can expect to be notified directly when a change impact their school(s).

Rigorous selection process

The process of selecting a principal to fill a vacancy is thorough and time consuming. It involves communicating between several key stakeholders within MPS and the communities where our schools are located. The process involves the following key steps:

  • Request for applications
  • Interview with the Office of Human Capital and associate superintendent(s)
  • Assessment of skills and matching to current vacancies
  • Development of leader profiles and candidate interview by school-specific teams (high schools and new schools only)
  • Interview with the Office of Human Capital and associate superintendent(s)
  • Recommendation to the superintendent and final selection

There are several stakeholders involved in the selection process, including the superintendent, who reviews feedback from other stakeholders to make final decisions regarding hiring and placement; associate superintendents, who interview candidates, match candidates with school’s leader profiles, and make recommendations based on candidate fit; the Office of Human Capital, which provides hands-on assistance throughout the process from candidate recruitment and review of qualifications to interviewing and leading competency assessments; and school-specific working teams, which develop a candidate profile based on unique school attributes and desired candidate characteristics.

Inclusive practices

We continuously work to improve our processes and strengthen our systems for recruiting, hiring and retraining excellent employees.  This year, the principal hiring process was revised to include formal consultation of the school-specific teams in order to allow for more parental involvement in selecting principals. This additional step was implemented to increase transparency for all school communities receiving new leaders and to ensure that all impacted stakeholders are thoughtfully engaged.