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Familes and staff at the NE Minneapolis parade, July 2013

At the Minneapolis Public Schools, we are proud to partner with families and the community to ensure the best possible education for all our children.  

You know us through many points of contact, whether it be Student Placement Services when you enroll your child in school; parent meetings and community forums, at which your input is highly valued; or via the Office of Student, Family and Community Engagement, which supports resolution of your concerns.

Quick links for Important Information:

Welcome back to school everyone!

Listen to what Superintendent Ed Graff has to say about how we'll be helping every student learn in every classroom by focusing on reading, student suppports and social emotional learning.

Getting ready for school!

Classes begin on Monday, Aug. 28 for grades 1–12 and Wednesday, Aug. 30 for Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten, ECSE, ECFE, High Five and Southwest’s grades 10–12. Get all your back-to-school information here.

Immunizations needed for school

Find out what immunizations (shots) your student needs to start school and what clinics offer these shots.

MPS implements new elementary literacy curriculum

MPS is implementing its new Pre-K–5 standards-based literacy curricula starting August 2017. Literacy materials are culturally relevant and focused on the “Big Five” of literacy acquisition: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension.

MPS Guidebook

Learn more about our schools by viewing the guidebook above, or click here for a printable version.

Community Partnership Schools

Learn more about how we are granting additional autonomy to schools.

2017-18 Budget

At Minneapolis Public Schools, we are committed to using our resources in a way that’s best for our students.