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MPS Levy

Levy Presentation
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We are committed to using our levy authority to meet the needs of present and future students and to only levy for what schools need. The Minneapolis Board of Education in December 2014 approved a levy increase of 3.9 percent for property taxes payable in 2015. The increased levy will provide an additional $178.6 million to help us invest in capital improvements that are necessary to better serve students.

MPS leaders originally asked for a 4.5 percent increase but worked hard to decrease the request in order to reduce the financial burden on taxpayers. Homeowners will see a moderate tax increase based on the market values of their homes:

  • $150,000 value - tax increase of $1.89 monthly or $22.65 per year
  • $300,000 value - tax increase of $4.33 monthly or $51.98 per year
  • $450,000 value - tax increase of $6.73 monthly or $80.72 per year

One of the proposed projects will be a much-needed expansion of Washburn High School. Other capital projects that will be funded by the levy include upgrades to Southwest High School, Franklin Middle School, Sanford Middle School, Webster Elementary School and Seward Montessori School. View the presentation and the resolution.