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Engage on the 2017-18 budget
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Engage on the 2017-18 budget

Engage in the budget conversations happening at your school
There are many opportunities for families, residents of Minneapolis, and staff members to get involved in the budget process.

  • Attend a community wide meeting at your child’s school . School principals will be looking for input regarding what staff, families, and students believe should be the priorities of the school.  All school priorities should help us to meet the goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan, Acceleration 2020.  Meetings are held in March 2017. View this list to know when meetings are taking place at your school.
  • Provide input into individual schools’ budgets by attending Site Council meetings. You can also learn more about the role of site councils in the budgeting process here.
  • Volunteer to be on your school's Site Council.
  • Talk with your principal.
  • Ask questions about the budget process here.
  • Share your feedback on the budget process here. Don’t forget to list your name and contact information if you’d like someone to follow up with you. 
  • Go to school board meetings or present your comments during the public comment portion of the school board meetings. Learn more here

Learn more about the budget process
Whether you are a community member, parent, staff member, or student, we’d love to have you learn more about the budget process.   

View this video to learn more about how our budgets are developed. Videos in Hmong, Somali and Spanish are located in links below. 

Share your thoughts
Have thoughts about the MPS budget? Feel free to share your insights here.

Tentative Timeline for 2017-18:

•     March — Principals engage about priorities and share budget decisions with school community

•     March 1 — Allocations are sent out to schools and departments

•     March 1-24 —  Budget tie-out files are completed by schools and departments

•     March 24 – April 21 —  Budget tie-out files approved by Finance and Human Resources

•     April-May —  Final budget work completed including the Interview and Select process for teachers

•     May 9 — Budget is presented to Board

•     June 13 — Board votes on Budget adoption