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Learn about the 2016-2017 budget
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Learn about the 2016-2017 budget
At Minneapolis Public Schools, we are committed to using our resources in a way that’s best for our students. 
Attend a community meeting and hear information straight from the experts. 


Base Funding is the minimum amount of funding that is assigned to a student before any possible weights (see definition below) are applied. This money is used to pay for classroom teachers, support staff, minimum programming and other general operating costs of the school. 
School Foundation is the funding that a school needs to pay for a principal and a secretary.
Weight is money that is assigned to a student based on need. The current category of weights we are considering are:
  • Special education (levels 1-3)
  • English language learners (levels 1-5)
  • Grade level (K-3 and 9-12)
  • Poverty (free/reduced lunch)
  • Advanced learning
  • Homeless/highly mobile