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Metro MPS Pipeline
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Metro State Urban Education Program Partnership
Metro State Urban Education Program Partnership

 Urban Teacher Pipeline Partnership Project 

Minneapolis Public Schools, Metropolitan State University School of Urban Education, and  Minneapolis Community-Based Organizations 



The vision of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS)/Metro State School of Urban Education (UED), and Minneapolis Community-Based Organizations (CBO) Urban Teacher Pipeline Project is to address the severe underrepresentation of teachers of color prepared to serve urban learners, their families, and communities by mitigating and challenging five barriers to licensure. The partnership strategies address the following barriers:

 1) financial burdens

2) racially-biased, high-stakes licensure exams

3) retention support (pre- and post-licensure) 

4) ensuring culturally and linguistically competent mentor teachers

5) inflexible structures of traditional preparation programs.

This partnership borrows from the Grow Your Own Teachers (GYO) framework of the National Latina/o Education Research and Policy Project, Inc. (NLERAP). It is an enhanced partnership between MPS, Metro State, and Minneapolis community based organizations (CBOs) with a mission of serving communities of color.  

This Partnership Enhances Our Shared Efforts towards Desegregation and Equity

Metro State’s Urban Teacher Program was created in 2000 by the State Legislature to address the needs of Minneapolis Public Schools and St. Paul Public Schools to increase teachers of color not being served by traditional programs. Since then, Metro State and MPS have worked together to prepare urban teacher candidates, and a few dozen Metro State alumni have become teachers in MPS, but the collaboration has not been formalized nor funded with intentionality. ZNow the leadership in MPS and Metro State want to  strengthened the  collaboration among educators and staff at both institutions in partnership with CBOs serving communities of color, this enhanced partnership offers the potential to collectively challenge Minneapolis’ perpetual systemic racial and economic segregation and inequity issues. With a purposeful and collective response from K-12 and post-secondary education institutions along with a community-based perspective, we believe we can directly challenge this persistent problem.

Outcomes for the Urban Teacher Pipeline Project

Ø  Establish the MPS-Metro State-CBO “Urban Teacher Pipeline” to prepare at least 40-50 teacher candidates of color (or more) per year and narrow opportunity gaps for E-12 students of color.

Ø  Provide professional development and career advancement to scores of MPS district teachers focused on closing opportunity and achievement gaps for E-12 students of color.

Strengthen the preparation of Metro State pre-service teachers for MPS classrooms and schools by creating Clinical Cluster/Professional Development Sites and Residency programs, implementing co-teaching models, and providing culturally competent mentoring.