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Letter to the community on recent events

July 12, 2016
Dear MPS family,
In the past week we have all been touched by the tragic events in cities across America, including the Twin Cities. My thoughts are with our students, staff and community, and my heart breaks for those grieving the loss of life — especially the family of the 2-year-old child killed in north Minneapolis. 
My commitment as the Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools is to ensure our classrooms are nurturing spaces where children feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings; where they can discuss and explore their role in the world. Our children are our future. Let’s care for them, educate them well, and believe wholeheartedly in their great potential. They will likely develop the answers and come up with solutions to make our city, and our nation, a place where everyone feels safe, welcome and able to succeed.
I won’t pretend I can make sense of what happened in Baton Rouge, Dallas or the Twin Cities. We are all struggling to understand. But let’s remember to support each other, and in this moment, reflect on our role in giving students places in our classrooms, our homes and our community where they feel secure and encouraged.
Ed Graff
Minneapolis Public Schools