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Key Topics
Academic time at middle schools

Learn more about increased academic time at middle schools.

Harrison Educational Center

We have also recently announced a new vision for Harrison Educational Center. The design of a new Harrison program requires drastic changes, both in program structure and roles and responsibilities of school staff.

MPS board approves changes to graduation requirements

The Minneapolis Board of Education on Jan. 13 voted to approve changes to graduation requirements that offer students more flexibility to choose courses that interest them and match their post-secondary plans.

West Broadway Education and Career Collaborative

Education and workforce partners think outside the box to serve students and job seekers.

Special Education Review

Results of the special education review are now available.

Behavior Standards Policy

The new Behavior Standards Policy will positively impact all students—those who are struggling and those who are not. Training and resources for our instructional staff members will support more effective learning environments across the board, enhance classroom management practices and also help to redirect behaviors positively.

Equity and Diversity Policy 1304

The Minneapolis Board of Education on Oct. 8 approved a new equity and diversity policy for MPS.

Student Survey

Learn about our annual student survey.

Reports and Data

View information on enrollment, demographics, where students live, graduation rates, and more.

Student Go-To Pass Program

Learn more about the Go-To Pass program for high school students.