Key Area 3: Engagement
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Key area three: Engagement

Key area three: Engagement
We know it takes all of us to meet the needs of our children. It’s not a one-person job. It takes staff, families, community partners and community members all working together. We need to improve the way we engage with our students, families and staff. We will build authentic relationships and ensure effective communication with our students, families and communities. 
Here are the tangible steps we are taking to bring all voices to the table:
  • Engaging with students through citywide student government, youth evaluation programs, co-curricular activities and athletics programs.
  • Inviting families, neighbors and community members into our buildings during Visit Our Schools Month.
  • Re-envisioning ways to connect with the community from an executive level, including impactful door-to-door visits.
  • Partnering and engaging with families at district and school levels, including parent advisory groups, site councils and the Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities program.
  • Seeking community involvement and public input for critical decisions, such as the literacy curriculum adoption.