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Government Relations
Government Relations

The Office of Government Relations represents the interests of the Minneapolis Public Schools before:

  • The Minnesota Legislature;
  • The Executive branch, from the Governors office to Executive agencies; and
  • Minnesota's Congressional delegation.

Our goal: Secure the public policy reforms and resources needed to ensure that all students learn.

Update on 2015 Legislative Session

The legislature and governor wrapped up the biennial state budget in a one-day special session that concluded early Saturday, June 13, 2015. They came to agreement on all outstanding budget bills including a bonding bill, a legacy funding bill, and the omnibus E-12 Education Bill.  

Omnibus Education Bill

  • The bill allocates an additional $125 million beyond the vetoed education bill’s $400 million but does not contain Governor Dayton’s signature universal pre-kindergarten initiative.
  • The bulk of the funding in the Omnibus Education Bill ($350 million) funds the 2% increase on the basic student formula each of the next two years.
  • The other major funding provisions include $30.7 million in additional Learning Readiness funding for pre-kindergarten programs, $48 million in early learning scholarships and $32 million long term maintenance aid for rural districts.
  • Despite efforts by some to have all the early learning scholarships flow exclusively to individuals, we were successful in continuing the pathway II scholarships which flow to districts to support school-based pre-kindergarten programs.

Capital Bonding Bill

  • Legislators also passed a $380 million capital bonding bill which contains the conveyance of the WMEP Fair Downtown School to the Minneapolis Public Schools.
Pension Provisions
  • The legislature also made changes to state law governing the consolidation of the MERF retirement plan into PERA. 
  • It reduced the state’s obligation by $18 million for two years and then starting in Pay 17, reduced the employer’s share by $10 million. 
  • The Minneapolis Schools required contribution amount will decrease by approximately $2.3 million starting in Pay 17. 
  • The provisions were carried in the State Government Finance Bill and the Omnibus Pension Bill
  • The relevant sections in the pension bill are section 353.27, subdivision 3b and section 480.181, subdivision 2.  Do a find on ‘MERF’ to quickly find the relevant sections.