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Overview of the PK-5 Literacy Curriculum Field Test

Overview of the PK-5 Literacy Curriculum Field Test

Before MPS made its final decision on which elementary literacy curriculum to adopt, it conducted field tests with certain schools as explained below. The new curriculum was adopted and launched for  the 2017-18 school year.

What is the purpose of the field test?
The purpose of the PK-5 literacy curriculum field test is to understand the cost, feasibility, acceptability, appropriateness, engagement, and fidelity of implementation at a small scale prior to district-wide implementation. The goal is to identify the vendor who would be the best fit for MPS.
Who was included in the field test?
Twelve schools were selected to be a part of the field test. The selection process included schools from all of the PK-5/PK-8 portfolios: Magnet, High Priority, K-8 East, and K-8 West. Schools selected were demographically representative of the district in terms of race/ethnicity, English learners, and special education.

Within a field test school, three grade levels were selected. Each grade level will be field testing only one of the vendors; however, all three vendors will be field tested within each school. For example, at Hall, PreK teachers will be field testing Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Kindergarten teachers will be field testing Pearson, and Grade 1 teachers will be field testing Benchmark. The goal was to minimize negative impacts on learning by limiting the number of times teachers and students need to familiarize themselves with new curricular resources, format and structure.

The rationale for field testing multiple curricula across a school, but only one curriculum within a grade level, was that it allows for principals and other instructional support staff/leaders to be exposed to and compare the three vendors. In addition, it allows for teachers to take the time to go deep with one curriculum rather than having to take the time to become familiar with all three and maintains their ability to collaborate with other teachers within their grade level.