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Equity Framework
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MPS Equity Framework
MPS Equity Framework
Why an Equity Framework for MPS?
For many years, Minneapolis Public Schools has been committed to addressing issues of educational
equity. Past methods have been effective for individuals involved, but didn’t show changes across our
overall system: We continued to have one of the largest, most persistent achievement gaps in the
We knew that we had limited personal and collective skills to address this issue, so we determined
that implementing an Equity Framework would be a useful tool to guide our efforts. The
framework helps us correct the achievement gaps and participation disparities we see in historically
underserved student and staff populations. It also ensures that we move from “random acts of
equity” to a focused and prioritized effort that creates change.
The Minneapolis School Board is committed to equity. The Board adopted an Equity Policy and
approved a strategic plan, Acceleration 2020, that highlights equity as one of its main goals. Because
of this commitment, the academic division identified academic priorities for the district that centered
on equity. Both the strategic plan and the academic priorities are being used as guides for the Equity
Framework Inquiry Group, the team created to develop the framework.
The Equity Framework Leadership Team  consists of key internal and external stakeholders with
documented training, facilitation or leadership in educational equity.
● Teaching & Learning Department
● Office of Black Male Achievement
● Office of Family, Student & Community Engagement
● Department of Professional Development
● Elementary/Secondary Education Act Department
● School Turnaround Department
● Out for Good Team
● Indian Education Department
● Voices of Racial Justice
● Migizi
● Hope Community Inc.
At the heart of the framework is Collective Accountability. As individuals and as an organization, we’re
all accountable for creating educational equity. 
Surrounding the accountability triangle are Equity Diversity Impact Assessment; Pedagogy of
Equity; Equity in Operations ; and Families and Communities as Educational Partners.
We believe this framework will build capacity for racial/cultural competency and help us achieve our
desired outcomes.
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