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ELL rau Cov Laus (Muaj Hnub Nyoog)
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English Language Learner Instruction
English Language Learner Instruction

MPS offers English Language Learner Instruction through Community Education:

  • Beginning ELL Classes - Learn to manage immediate needs and common activities. Students learning basics of writing, from holding a pencil to simple phrases, reading sight words and basic phonetics. 
  • Intermediate ELL Classes - Intermediate ELL classes are for students who can understand learned phrases or short new phrases with familiar vocabulary. They may have some understanding of basic grammar, and be able to read simple sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Advanced ELL Classes - Advanced ELL classes are for students who are gaining some fluency in speech. They can communicate in a variety of social and work situations. They are beginning to infer meaning from context and use more complex grammatical structures. 

Kom tau kev qhia ntxiv, hu 612.668.3700 los yog 612.668.3800