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Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)
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Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)
EDIA Committee

The following information describes the role and responsibilities of EDIA Committee members. 


The EDIA Committee represents MPS students and partners with MPS to create and expand equity through its policies, practices, programs, procedures or budgets. EDIA Committee Members are partners with MPS to:

  1. Review Partial and Full EDIAs and provide feedback on equity concerns and considerations to EDIA content and process
  2. Share information, resources, ideas, and recommendations to address equity concerns to the content and process
  3. Advise or determine if a Partial EDIA should enter a Full EDIA process
  4. Review recommendations written by district staff on EDIA implementation and provide input on specific measures and evaluation processes before it goes to the Board of Education
  5. Review any updates to the District Equity Framework and EDIA process
  6. Disseminate EDIA information back to community 
  7. Provide consultation on the EDIA process
  8. Provide feedback on EDIA implementation plans
  9. Determine committee membership and governance protocol

Occasionally, the District may call upon the EDIA committee to provide input on matters related to equity issues.


EDIA Committee Members are expected to:

  1. Act in the best interest of all MPS students
  2. Review documents, complete assigned tasks, etc. between committee meetings
  3. Miss no more than two committee meetings

Additionally, the EDIA Committee Members are encouraged to:

  1. Serve 1-3 years on the committee, with the opportunity to renew membership
  2. Attend Board of Education meetings


  1. The EDIA Committee meets once a month. There may be times when additional meetings will be scheduled in the same month. 
  2. Meetings spaces may vary and there may be periodic extended work meetings.
    1. EDIA committee meetings may not take place in July and August.
  3. EDIA committee members may participate by video conference but in-person is strongly encouraged.
  4. EDIA committee materials will be sent in advance via email.