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Equity and Diversity Impact Assesment
Equity and Diversity Impact Assesment
Digital EDIA Process:
Proactive ~ Guided ~ Interactive ~ Learning
The Digital EDIA Process supports the needs of MPS district staff to do the following:
  • Correct existing and develop emerging policies, practices, programs and procedures to increase academic outcomes for Minneapolis Students by eliminating racial predictability and the methods and systems that perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps and institutional racism.
  • Create capacity building assessments and tools that will guide and build the equity knowledge of staff through the stages of project management so that equity is a part of projects from formation, to implementation, and evaluation.
  • Provide transparent and consistent metrics that empower staff and district leaders to make decisions, comparisons, and monitor the impact of equity efforts.


The Digital EDIA Process is one direction of the MPS Equity Framework (pictured to the left) that was adopted to embed “equity-first” decisionmaking in our district. To support this change in the way we do our work, there will be trainings offered in the month of October and November of 2016.
Training Dates and Times:
  • October 18: 10am-11:30am; 2pm-3:30pm
  • October 21: 10am-11:30am; 2:30pm-4pm
  • October 24: 10am-11:30am; 3pm-4:30pm
  • November 1: 10am-11:30am; 12pm-1:30pm; 3pm-4:30pm
  • November 4: 8am-9:30am; 11am-12:30pm; 2pm-3:30pm

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