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Consultant Selection for New North High 2012
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Consultant Selection
Consultant Selection

The district is still on track in the preparation for the launch of the new North High in 2012 and has selected a consultant for Phase I of the new design. We assessed numerous national consultants through interviews with the organizations and their references. We also interviewed a local consultant recommended by a North Side community member. The final consultants were selected based largely on their experience and demonstrated results in leading high school design teams and working collaboratively with wide range of community stakeholders.

Consultant Requirements:
The final consultants will be required to provide an in depth proposal with comprehensive process,detailed cost estimates and project team bios. They will also be required to draft a letter to the community and background documentation that will be available to the public. They will be required to interview and conduct a public presentation of their proposal in the community.

Community Engagement in Consultant Selection:
The District partnered with interested community stakeholders to provide feedback on final consultant selection. For authentic participation, the District will included three community stakeholders as members of the interview team. The three interview team members were selected by the community in an open forum scheduled and promoted by both the community and the District. The final three consultants for Phase 1 of the New North Design were:

The Superintendent made the ultimate consultant selection of Institute for Student Achievement based on valuable feedback from the community and District staff.