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Congratulations, graduates!

To the Graduating Class of 2017:
Completing high school is an important milestone, and graduation is a passage you have earned. The work you have invested since your first day of kindergarten has brought you to this exciting day, and you should be proud. It marks the beginning of your story of adulthood, and you will be the one to write it.
My hope is that we have prepared you to be a global citizen who is not only ready for college or a fulfilling career, but who is also committed to making this world a better place for generations to come. I want you to realize your dreams and fulfill your potential, and I also want you to remember to give back.
When you see a need in your community, fill it. Don't shy away from the chance to pay it forward. Donate your time, volunteer at a nonprofit, advocate for causes you believe in, mentor others to help them finish high school. However you choose to do make a difference, make sure you give back to others in one way or another.
May you remember your time at Minneapolis Public Schools with warmth and a feeling of deep
satisfaction. Be confident in the knowledge you have gained, but also be humble and willing to continue learning throughout your life. Strive for success, and you will experience it — after all, you are now an MPS graduate.
Class of 2017, you have lived, learned and come of age in a community that cares deeply about you. Never forget that. Go out into the world and continue to make us all proud.
Best wishes for a bright future,
Ed Graff
Minneapolis Public Schools