Budget Recommendations
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Budget Recommendations

Budget Recommendations

April 11

On April 10, the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education voted on a resolution that significantly altered previously made recommendations by Minneapolis Public Schools leadership. Read Superintendent Ed Graff's letter to MPS employees about the Board's April 10 resolution. 

February 27

The attached Budget Update provides an overview of the programmatic adjustments being made to eliminate the next school year's projected $33 million budget deficit.

The first section consists of recommended reductions of nearly $17 million made by the senior leadership team to: 1) streamline existing programming where possible to do so on a short timeline and with minimal impact on schools; 2) minimize staff reductions, and 2) maximize cost reductions.

The second section consists of additional recommended reductions based on needing to meet the $33 million total. MPS will concurrently make investments next year in the items notes in the third section of the document. These investments underscore the values our community hold dear and MPS's four core programming priorities: literacy, social and emotional learning, student supports (MTSS), and equity.

The Board of Education will have two readings of this budget in May and June, and will vote on the final budget in June 2018.

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