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Benefits of the proposed calendar
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How the new school calendars may benefit your family
How the new school calendars may benefit your family

More time in the classroom means more learning for your student. It is important for students who are struggling and for students who need to be challenged even more to focus on areas that will support their growth.

Starting the school year before Labor Day will: 

  • Support students and families who are already accustomed to the current school calendar. We know that another change may be disruptive to families and community partners. This would be the fifth year in a row that MPS would start before Labor Day.  
  • Help set classroom routines and expectations for learning to be taught and modeled early.
  • Give more time for students to prepare for state exams that are given in the spring and give teachers more time to cover the curriculum and content on which students are assessed during these exams. 
  • Enhance opportunities for students to participate in early college programs by aligning the MPS school year to that of higher education institutions. 
  • Give more flexibility to teachers to meet with and support struggling students and increase immediate opportunities for student acceleration or remediation.
  • Support schools to be flexible in staffing, creative scheduling and structuring of the school day, as well as allowing time for teachers to better their skills, plan and collaborate with others.