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A letter from Operational & Security Services

Various school districts across the country have received reports of individuals with a clown persona threatening violence on social media against the public, including at schools. Some individuals have even been seen in costume attempting to heighten the fear. This topic has made national news, and it has been determined that it is likely a hoax and copycat hoaxes.

We have received reports of a threat made on social media generally against schools in Minnesota. The safety and security of our students is our top priority. We take every threat seriously and take precautions while working with our law enforcement partners to find the offenders.

Students and families are encouraged to call the Speak Up tipline to anonymously report any concerning situations. Call 1-866-SPEAK-UP or text SPEAKUP to 847-411.  If there is a sighting of something concerning in the community, as always call 911.

Thank you.

Jason Matlock
Director of Operational & Security Services
Minneapolis Public Schools