Acceleration 2020: Every child college and career ready

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City Wide Student Government

CityWide Student Government is known for its dynamic student leaders who represent their schools and the school district.

H.Y.P.E. Council

HYPE stands for Helping Youth Promote Empowerment. 

Behavior Standards Policy

We want to create a culture where every student has the opportunity to thrive.

Key Topics

Harrison Educational Center

The design of a new Harrison program requires drastic changes.

Community Partnership Schools

Learn more about how we plan to partner with the community.

Legislative funding

Action Alert: Important information regarding Governor Dayton’s education funding.

School finance and budget

Budget decisions are starting now.

Superintendent search

Learn more from the Board of Education.

Graduation requirements

New graduation requirements will offer students more flexibility

Student-based allocation

Learn more about student-based allocation

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Special ed resource fair

Read more.

Edison student selected as LEDA scholar

Read more.

We are MCA Ready!

Learn more about upcoming MCA tests.